Aaron Rodgers is not stepping down anytime soon. It appears as though the hatchet is about to be buried. The team and the legendary quarterback have been at odds since they traded him to the New York Jets ago five years ago to let Aaron Rodgers become the new QB. It didn't help that Brett turned up in Minnesota and kicked the snot out of the Pack.

Now we are a few years removed, everyone has gotten on with their lives, Aaron has proved himself and won a Super Bowl. Brett retired and has moved on to tv and coaching. The Green Bay Packers have expressed an interest in retiring Brett's Jersey and hoped he would come back into the fold and maybe play a part in the Packers future.

According to isportstime Packers' president and CEO Mark Murphy said that he hopes to have Brett Favre, "back involved in the organization soon."

What does that mean? Could you see Brett as a Quarterbacks coach? Yeah, me neither. Who would listen to him, certainly not Aaron Rodgers.

Besides, Brett has said for many years that he has no interest in getting involved in football after retirement. The again, he said he was retiring, then again, then he's coaching, then he's on tv. Never say never. What are the chances Brett comes back to the Vikings? Let's find out if he signed his retirement papers first.

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