We love to order online, the deals and the excitement of anticipation of the arrival of your new conquest. So when I hopped on Amazon today I was intrigued at the pop up asking me if I would like Amazon to donate to my charity of choice. It's called AmazonSmile.

I feel one of the easiest ways to help out a community is to donate, donations don't require you to build a house, ring a bell or for you even to leave the house. Of course we need people power to get things done, but money is needed to make things happen.

So now with today's easy of the internet we are able to be more informed on what we are giving to assure it goes to the people who need it not some corporate big wig's pocket. Say hello to Amazon Smile. A division of Amazon and you get the same great deals and prices, but now a % of your purchases go to the charity of your choice and they have nation wide and local for us. I typed in Superior, WI and Duluth, MN and had many to choose from.

So go shop and know the happiness you feel buying that new laptop is helping your community.