A star was among us! It looks like Alex Rodriguez is a big fan of Minnesota.

Before we dive into just why the sports sensation was in our neck of the woods, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that Minnesota has had celebrity visits like this before and the stars always seem to love it.

A few years ago, actress Ashley Benson shared a photo of herself at Mall Of America. In the photo, she is seen having a blast and jokingly posing on a giant chair in front of a restaurant. The chair says "Mall Of America" in big red letters.

This may seem random, but it turns out she was in Minnesota filming a movie with Bobby Cannavale and other big names. The film was shooting in Excelsior, Minnesota and many excited residents shared photos of the movie filming.

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This is just one example of many. Whether you are into pop culture or not, you can't deny it is fun to see celebrities hanging out in Minnesota. It looks like A-Rod is the latest!

The sports star shared the photo on his Instagram near the end of October but I didn't even catch it until now! In the photo, he is seen relaxing on a patio with a lake in the background. He is also rocking a white Timberwolves sweatshirt.

The caption is what really says it all though. He shared the photo with the words "Minnesota fall" followed by a heart-eyes emoji. That means he loves it and we don't blame him! Check out the photo below:

It looks like he is doing some sort of work, as there is an iPad up and another right next to it. There is also an open notebook and a pen in his hand. He is also staying hydrated with water and coffee. Ha!

In all seriousness, it is pretty likely he was in town for something sports related. He tagged the Timberwolves and Lynx.

As mentioned, he definitely isn't the first celebrity to have a blast in Minnesota. The Wahlberg brothers visited Minnesota when they opened a new Wahlburgers restaurant in the Mall Of America. Donnie Wahlberg also visited another time when he was in town for the Super Bowl a few years back.

There are also many big name celebrities that are from Minnesota, one of the most famous being iconic actress Jessica Lange. She still loves where she is from so much that she talks about it in interviews. She recently did so with Rolling Stone back in 2019!

Some big reality stars are also from Minnesota! Former "Bachelorette" Becca Kufrin is from Prior Lake and visits often. She even came to Duluth once with the man she gave her final rose to for a fun night at Bentleyville.

All of this is to say, you are welcome back anytime A-Rod!

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