Getting your snowmobile where it needs to be before the snow flies is important in the Northland. I mean, once the snow is on the ground you want to be able to get out there right away!

Normally, that means putting your snowmobile securely on a trailer and then properly securing that trailer to a truck or at least an SUV that can safely pull it down the road, right? Well, it appears that is not always the case.

The Minnesota State Patrol revisited a picture Friday that was originally shared in 2020 by the Wisconsin State Patrol.  This picture is both hilarious and terrifying. Well, it's terrifying if you happened to be sharing the road with this particular car and their creative way to transport a snowmobile.

This incident actually happened in Wisconsin, but the Minnesota State Patrol wanted to make it abundantly clear that this is remains illegal in Minnesota as well:

“What do you mean I can’t drive down the road like this?” Recently, a trooper in Polk County (Eau Claire Post) had to remind this motorist of the proper way to transport a snowmobile.
We want to remind everyone hauling any type of load that it may not extend past the fender line on the left side or extend more than 6 inches beyond the fender line on the right side of the vehicle.

Minnesota State Patrol Facebook
Minnesota State Patrol Facebook
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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This creative motorist obviously didn't have access to a trailer or a truck or an SUV and they needed to move that snowmobile!  So, why not put that bad boy on the top of your car?

My biggest question is how the heck did they get that thing on top of that car? Last I checked, snowmobiles aren't the easiest thing to lift unless you have a team of people and if that was the case, surely one of them would've thought this was a bad idea.

This definitely needs to become a meme.

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