It seems like for decades people all over the country have been searching for the elusive Bigfoot or Sasquatch, half man half beast that is roaming through the woods. I guess for me I say sure they could exist. Many kinds of woods can be very dense and extend for hundreds of miles in any direction in some parts of the country. With wildlife to eat and some way to provide shelter for yourself, you can hide out.

Enter 59 year old Craig Sulk into the picture. Craig and his wife lived on 80 acres of land in Menominee, Michigan which is on the southwestern tip of the U.P., right on the border of Wisconsin. Craig was an avid hunter and had a bunch of trail cams on his property to up his hunting game. Back in 2012 he was looking through one of his cameras when off in the distance he saw this looming figure behind a tree.

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A deer was in the foreground of the picture, but in the next sequence of video, the figure was gone. Given the fact that Sulk was a huge fan of the show "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet he reached out to them to have them investigate, which they did.

Initially, Craig did not say anything to anybody because he did not want anybody to think he was crazy, but after the show came out he and his wife became instant celebrities with radio and TV stations all vying to talk to him. Craig and his wife embraced their new found popularity by opening up their property to let people look around and take pictures in the area where Bigfoot was spotted.

Unfortunately, Craig passed away from a rare form of cancer this past April, but according to his wife he was very proud of the community they built up with others who felt they had witnessed Bigfoot as well. For more information about Craig and his wife click here.


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