This is the kind of story that gets me upset.  It's bad enough that a lot of businesses won't accept a personal check anymore.  (...Don't get me started on that topic...)  But now it appears that the airline industry no longer recognizes U.S. currency (or "cash") as legal tender.  (Do they know something about the current state of our country?)

Continental Airlines said its flight crews will begin accepting only credit and debit cards for on-board purchases starting Tuesday. American Airlines went cashless onboard flights in the U.S. and Canada starting in June. And all Southwest Airlines flights stopped accepting cash in flight, starting in September. Other airlines that only accept plastic in the air are AirTran, Alaska Air Group, Midwest Air, JetBlue Airways, United and Virgin America, according to the Houston Chronicle.

My take?  You don't take cash -- you don't want my business.   Although - I say the same thing about personal checks.

What do you think?

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