It seems like data breaches are becoming a common news story these days - so it should probably be no surprise that Equifax - one of the nations largest credit reporting agencies - was recently affected by a hack.  According to news reports, up to 143 million Americans were potentially part of the data leak.

A lot of people are aware of what to do when a credit card company they do business with has been breached;  in fact, a call to one or all of the credit reporting agencies is often on the task list.  So - what do you do when one of those credit reporting agencies was the source of the information?

It looks like Equifax is being pro-active in the situation - albeit in a general sense.  They've set up a website that allows you to enter your last name and the last six numbers of your Social Security number to check whether or not your personal information was included in the breach.  Although - according to the article - it seems like Equifax is being overly cautious and alerting anyone who has the slightest chance of having been affected.


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