I flew to Phoenix this past summer and thought I had a real deal with what I paid to fly but then I had to pay to pick my seat and to bring a packed bag.

I paid for how heavy it was, and so many other charges, when I was done paying I didn't have much of a deal. there are always hidden fees.

Then I get to the airport and there are lines to check-in, lines to go through security, there are lines for food, lines for getting a seat secured. Also, why do we pay $8 for a soda? Where does this money go?

I have to wait to get on the plane. Then I get on the plane and I am charged for food. Not for a bag of nuts, that's free. So, I tell everyone around me I will eat theirs.

Then we are in the plane and we wait to depart. Then we wait to take off.

With all the costs and delays that we encounter at the Airport, we shouldn't have to pay extra. Just charge us our ticket price. I read that US Airlines made a ton of money off us and we aren't seeing any of it come back to us.

According to Travel and Leasure a joint study by consulting firm IdeaWorks Company and Cartrawler showed that the airlines were collecting $57 billion in fees. Travelmole explained, that money comes from baggage fees, onboard services like meals and movies, sales of frequent flier miles, travel retail, and more. And the report found each passenger makes them about $20 in fees per trip.

So why can't they lower their prices or have one fee we pay to fly and one fee we pay to fly with baggage or a carry-on. I hear the airlines are losing money, but according to these articles, they aren't losing anything.

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