The Eagan Minnesota Police Department was having a little fun recently as they posted a tongue-in-cheek post on Facebook looking for the owner of some "valuables" that were found in an elevator. These so-called "valuables are worth thousands of dollars and I have so many questions.

Here is what happened. According to KARE 11 "Department spokesman Officer Aaron Machtemes said that dispatchers received a call shortly before 11 p.m. Tuesday night from someone at an apartment complex. That person had walked into an elevator and discovered four large bags of marijuana, and a bundle of cash that Machtemes says easily adds up to several thousand dollars.

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Whoever found this stuff and called the police is the most honest person on the planet. I can see where someone would call the police about 4 giant bags of marijuana, but there are thousands of dollars in cash as well that many people would be tempted to keep and just report finding the pot. It makes me feel all warm inside to know that there all still some honest people out there in the world. Here is the Facebook post from the Eagan Police department below:

Officer Machtemes laughed when he was asked about the post, and admitted it was unlikely to motivate the owner of the pot and cash to come down and claim them. He said it was the largest discovery of a random stash he's seen in his time on the Eagan police force. Whoever lost this money and marijuana is most likely in some deep trouble with whoever this belongs to, but obvioulsy game over for getting any of this stuff back.

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