Before you spend your money at the dollar store or anywhere else, you may want to look at the serial numbers.

You might be holding a dollar bill that would be worth many dollar bills. There are paper dollars that are in circulation that can earn you some real mula.

Here's what Wes Moss says collectors are looking for. Here’s a run down of some high-value serial numbers from that web site:

  • Seven repeating numbers in a row (like 77777776)
  • Seven numbers of the same kind in no particular order (like 00010000)
  • Numbers that “super repeat” (like 898989898)
  • Four repeating numbers followed by another set of four repeating numbers (called “double quads,” like 00009999)
  • Any serial numbers that end in 00 (called “trailing zeros”)

They also recommend looking up your dollar bills at It will tell you which $1 bills are being looked for, what the hot numbers are and if you should match up with one of the serial numbers that is being sought, how to contact them for the next step.

If you don't believe that you could make some dollars for your dollar, the website is selling some of the bills they list from $100 to over $2,500.

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