When you were a kid, you knew the ice cream truck was coming. You know now, they play the ice cream truck music.

Ice cream trucks are doing away with the ice cream truck music and playing popular music or radio stations or just have a loudspeaker so the driver can announce his arrival.

A lot of the old ice cream trucks have been revamped and can hold more ice cream and more varieties of treats. Gone are the old mom and pop vehicles.

So what are the top ice cream truck songs? According to Yahoo answers here are the ones people said their neighborhood truck plays.

The Entertainer
Little Brown Jug
Music Box Dancer
Pop Goes The Weasel
Calliope Music
Popcorn (old 70s tune)
Yankee Doodle
Camptown Races
Do your ears hang low

Now that trucks are updating, they play the newer music, one of the answers I saw was more of them play rap music like "Low" or Snoop Dogg because they were selling in neighborhoods that those artists connected with.

So, what song does your ice cream truck play?


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