Here is something you have to see to believe. The Wisconsin State Patrol pulled over a car over the weekend but this wasn't your ordinary traffic stop.

Why? Because the car that was pulled over had a snowmobile on top. Not only was the snowmobile on top but the snowmobile was put sideways on top of said car. I truly have never seen or heard of this happening before. Ha!

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared a photo of the traffic stop on their Twitter account on Tuesday (November 2nd).

Take a look at the photo they shared below below:

Wow! Like I said, it's something you really have to see to believe. The snowmobile is almost as big, if not bigger, than the car. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation also pointed out on social media that they were not trying to shame anyone but rather bring light to the fact that snowmobiles must be transported safely, especially as we head into the winter season.

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The stop went down on Highway 63 in Wisconsin, which is in the northwestern part of the state. According to KATV News, the driver of the vehicle was 23 years old and issued a warning for not wearing his seatbelt and, of course, for the way he was trying to transport the snowmobile.

By the way, the same news report states he was just trying to show his friend his new snowmobile and that's why he had it strapped onto his car in the first place. There is no word on just what his friend thinks about it. Ha!

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