If you need a good laugh, I have you covered. I came across the best TikTok video ever over the weekend and I just have to share it because it was taken by a Wisconsin resident and has to do with Wisconsin winters.

I just got TikTok the other day after avoiding it for as long as possible. I heard that it can be addicting and everyone who told me such is absolutely right. They really have everything on TikTok from cute animals to spooky stories to videos that are random and hilarious.

Of course, there are also videos on there that are very cringeworthy. There are also the famous TikTok trends that everyone seems to be talking about and trying and I am happy to say I will not be taking part. Ha! Recently, Christina Milian even shared a TikTok video from Duluth!

My algorithm is pretty much set on cute animals and funny videos at this point and I am not mad about it. This TikTok I came across falls into the funny videos category and I am still laughing about it days later.

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The video was posted be @sethreinke7 and it showed up in my string of videos. The video has over one-million views and counting and if you live in Wisconsin (or even Minnesota), this will speak to your soul.

The video is short and sweet and was shared in mid-November. Seth encapsulates Wisconsin winters in one sentence and nothing has ever been more relatable. Plus, his Wisconsin accent is strong as can be.

@sethreinke7 #peterbilt #wisconsinlife ♬ original sound - Professional

We've all been there when we get out of the car and go sliding. It is just what happens when you live in the midwest but he puts it in the most hilarious and simple way. I love the footprints and marks in the snow where you can see that he fell.

The comments section is also hilarious, with other Wisconsin residents weighing in to say that they too can relate to this and commenting on his hilarious accent. It seems like everybody is a fan!

I can admit that TikTok is definitely as addicting as everybody said but I am fine with it because this video brought me a lot of happiness for something that is so short and simple. Ha! I wonder what I will stumble upon next.

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