For the last week, a raging wildfire in California has consumed national news reports.  Since it was first reported on July 23, 2018 - the Carr Fire has consumed almost 100,000 acres, caused two fatalities, and left an estimated 40,000 people evacuated from their homes.

While watching the news reports - and naturally feeling empathy for the people involved - I started to wonder about the name "Carr Fire";  All of the news reports I heard, saw, and read referred to this fire as the "Carr Fire" - without any source as to how this destructive wildfire got it's name.  I searched and didn't easily find an answer.

It would be easy to assume that the Carr Fire got it's name from it's origin - a "mechanical vehicle failure" - even though that would mean that someone - somewhere - misspelled the word.  Stranger things have happened.

My search got deeper in an effort to find an answer.  Perhaps the volume of information and the length of time (a week and counting) added to the difficult nature of my research.

Then I finally got my answer:  I found a news report that shared that the vehicle that served as the origin to the wildfire was located "at Highway 299 and Carr Powerhouse Road in Whiskeytown", Californiawhen it the blaze started.

As of July 30, officials report that the wildfire is only about 17% contained.


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