An incomplete Target store in Hollywood affectionately named "Target Husk" has taken on a social media life of its own.

Target wants it, the city of Los Angeles wants it — but there are neighborhood associations that don't. They've successfully kept it in limbo so far.

That's according to regarding the Target store location that has sat unfinished in Hollywood, CA for several years.

Opposition to construction hasn't stopped the Minneapolis-based retail shell from taking on a life of its own online, however, where a Facebook and Twitter account named @TargetHusk has become something of an internet sensation.

Plans to build the Target store on the corner of Sunset and Western began in 2010 when Target corporate began eyeing the location; the plans were even approved in 2012 and construction begun until a couple local groups -- The La Mirada Neighborhood Association and Citizens Coalition Los Angeles -- blocked the project. According to local radio station KCRW, however, an inspection of the site was recently approved and a permit for construction to continue given.

A Target spokesperson told, "We appreciate the city's continued support for Target in our ongoing efforts to pursue a store in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, and we thank the community for its patience as we continue to work toward resuming construction."


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