While I don't profess to be an English major,  I have always been fascinated by our language.  I find words and grammar interesting and I like to know more about the language we speak (and write).

One term that I often hear thrown around is "Baja" - as in Baja-style cooking or as a style of off-road all-terrain riding. But what exactly is Baja?  A quick search turns up the fact that while Baja is a city in California and a peninsula in Mexico,  it isn't a word at all - at least not the way that the general public uses it.

If you look for a definition of Baja-style cooking - you won't find one.  The closest that I can surmise is that when people refer to Baja food, they're really talking about Mexican or Tex-Mex food.

In regards to "Baja-riding" - there also isn't a true definition.  Perhaps people use the term to infer that they're riding all-terrain vehicles in a sandy, desert-like area?

What does Baja mean to you?



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