With President Barak Obama leaving office, he is entitled to a few perks. He gets a pension the moment he leaves office and some other things too. The part that I don't think is fair is most of these guys already have money.

According to about.com, the president earns $205, 700 per year, and it starts as soon as the next President takes office. For 7 months the president gets expenses to transition back into a regular life. Six months after a president leaves office, he or she gets funds for an office staff. During the first 30 months after the leaving office, the former president gets a maximum of $150,000 per year for this purpose. Thereafter, the Former Presidents Act stipulates that the aggregate rates of staff compensation for a former President cannot exceed $96,000 annually. Any additional staff costs must be paid for personally by the former president. They and their families get secret service protection for 10 years. Obviously, they have medical benefits for the rest of their life too.


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