It looks like Bernie Sanders draws maps of the United States like he combs his hair - with a rubber mallet.  Just as the Vermont Senator announced his entrance into the 2020 presidential race, the campaign hit up social media hard to encourage cash donations.  One of the collateral pieces that the campaign used is drawing a lot of criticism on the web; the graphic is a drawing of what appears to be the United States - if you squint your eyes enough.

Bernie Sanders Twitter
Bernie Sanders Twitter

The northern states of the Midwest seem to be hit the hardest.  While Bernie's team got the majority of the East and West Coast states into a familiar form, the states that are close to us - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, even Illinois - wouldn't be recognizable out of context (say if you were to just solo out each state and make someone try to identify it).  I would suggest that the map looks like someone was making a quilt, but that would offend the crafters that I know.

Perhaps some find the map part of the aloof-charm of Bernie Sanders.  Just like the messy hair, the shirts that are untucked, need ironing, and sweated-through.

I grant the self-described Socialist Democrat a pass on the fact that the graphic was probably meant to be quirky or whimsical.  But nothing like offending the very same people you're trying to encourage to donate money and/or vote for you.

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