President Donald Trump made a stop in Duluth on June 20, 2018; the day was marked with two events - first a round-table meeting with regional leaders from government, business, and the mining industry followed by a public rally at Amsoil Arena.  The round-table meeting happened at the Seaway Port Authority.

The mechanics behind any Presidential visit are very large and intricate - especially in regards to transportation.  The stop at any community involves a landing of Air Force One, followed by the official motorcade to and from the event.

In Duluth, that landing of Air Force One obviously happened at the Duluth International Airport.  The route that the motorcade would take to the Seaway Port Authority - and then Amsoil - wasn't publicly announced, but it didn't take native Twin Ports residents very long to guess at which roadways would be used.

As it turned out, the Presidential Motorcade traveled from Duluth International Airport to the events by the harbor via Rice Lake Road to Arlington Avenue, across I-35 at the Can of Worms to Highway 53, then the turn-around under the Blatnik Bridge to Garfield.

Our radio station studios are located near the intersection of Central Entrance and Arlington Avenue, which means that the motorcade passed right by the back-end of our building.  On a whim, our staff engineer Randy took out his phone and took some video of the President as he passed by.



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