Now that I have Ghost hunted for a few years and made it no secret on the radio that I like that sort of thing, people are starting to tell me stories. So, I thought I would go investigate with the resources I have. I took a camera out to Calvary Cemetery.

Most people call it Howard Gnesen Cemetary, but that isn't the correct name at all. It is on the Howard Gnesen Rd, but that's as close as you get to that name for the cemetery.

What people are telling me is that the cemetery is haunted, many people get pictures of orbs and ghosts when they are just taking ordinary pictures. Some people have gone up there just to try and capture something.

I went there and sat in the darkest part of the cemetery, let me show you what I found.

Here are some pictures I took, I'm not sure I see something. I will let you decide on a close up. All photos credit Chris Allen

The last one is the close up with an image spotted just to the left of the middle stone back by the trees.

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