I was watching Paranormal Witness recently and was reminded of a warning I once received when I was looking online for odd things online.

It's called a Dybbuk Box (some people spell it Dibbuk) and sometimes people try to pass it off as a small wine cabinet. According to Dani Hendrix website, the word ‘dybbuk’ comes from Jewish folklore. It's said to be a box that has trapped an evil spirit.

According to folklore, the evil spirit is malicious and is capable of possessing someone and sometimes objects. The Dybbuk won't leave that person until an exorcism is performed or the person dies.

According to legend, the Dybbuk is exorcised and then returns to the box and can't get out until someone opens the box again and invites them into their body. I'm not writing this to scare people, or asking you to believe in this box. I am only pointing out there are things we don't know, and people try to sell these boxes online, some of them in the local area.

Back in old days, mental illness was cast off as a person who had been possessed by a Dybbuk. That's how powerful people believed in the Dybbuk box. When I lived in Maryland, antique store buyers that weren't familiar with the box would put them in on consignment for people to buy.

Most people that believe in the Dybbuk Box believe that some boxes are created from occult practices gone wrong. The Dybbuk Store says sometimes people ask for evil spirits and conjure them up to trap them in the box and sell them online.

As with everything paranormal, I say, be careful of it all. I have learned by being in the field that you never know what can be real and what is a story. Some people are trying to spread evil and create these boxes and try and sell them as a joke.

So when you are on the Facebook market, Craig's List, or the want ads, look carefully when something that is described as this box, is being sold.

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