As an industry, magazines and newspaper circulation is down.  However, that would be news to Vicki  Wellington and Food Network Magazine.

Vicki Wellington, Food Network Magazine’s Vice President, Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer, is obviously pleased. “Food Network Magazine has had a tremendous circulation growth story and continues to be the leader and authority for all things food and entertainment,” says Wellington. “Consumers have responded incredibly well to our lively, accessible approach, our stable of celebrity chefs, and they remain very engaged with the brand.”

The July issue of Food Network Magazine was the largest ever - measured by the amount of ad pages it featured.  And, advertisers paid more than ever to be in it as the magazine just recently raised their rates. There's also digital advancements on the horizon.

Food Network Magazine has been having a nice summer. The magazine launched a slick new iPad app in early June, and the July issue boasted the most ad pages ever for the title. Now there’s even more good news, and it’s better than Guy Fieri finally calming the hell down: The magazine is going to increase its rate base starting with the January/February 2012 issue to 1.4 million, up from 1.3 million.

It appears that readers of Food Network Magazine are an engaged bunch.  And that engagement is the direct result of tie-in marketing with the namesakes cable TV channel.


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