Home Depot is following in the footsteps of other big name stores and pulling the plug on a traditional Black Friday.

The company announced their business plan Wednesday (September 9th), stating that they are adjusting their plans for the holiday season with the safety of customers in mind.

The most notable change will be the big sales and how customers can access the deals. This year, Black Friday sales will not be exclusive to the day after Thanksgiving. Instead, they will begin rolling out sales in early November and continue them through the end of the year. These sales will also be available online this year in light of the pandemic.

The store will also be offering free shipping and in-store pickup if you aren't comfortable going to the store in person amid COVID-19. Customers with their mobile app will also get exclusive sneak peeks into savings and deals. This is all part of their plan to make shopping for the holidays safer as we navigate the pandemic.

The Home Depot will also remain closed for Thanksgiving. This is not new to this year but instead something they do each year.

Several other businesses are following suit this year, announcing they will not be open on the holiday to give employees time at home after a trying year. Stores like Best Buy, Kohl's, Dick's Sporting Goods and others are shutting their doors on Thanksgiving instead of opening for sales and holiday shopping.

Home Depot is located in Duluth at 1101 Mall Drive.

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