Every year B105 has fun giving out the clues to find the WITC Medallion and ultimately help you win up to $500.  My original blog was about the fact that maybe you didn't know what the medallion looked like, so to increase your chances of winning I showed the picture above.  It must have helped, it's already been found.

The medallion hunt is in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Sno-Week on the campus of WTIC.  The public is invited to participate in the medallion search that is within the Superior City limits and on public property.  The sooner someone found the medallion the more money you could win.

Congratulations to Craig B., Jereme O. and Mya!  They found the medallion from just one day of clues!

Photo Courtesy of WITC/Jessica Hehir
Photo Courtesy of WITC/Jessica Hehir

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