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Using hand sanitizers to ward off germs has become a normal routine for some.  And in recent years, these clear bottles are seemingly everywhere.

However, new research shows that frequent use of hand sanitizer can make you test positive for alcohol consumption.

In the study, 11 volunteers who had not consumed alcohol in five days prolifically applied a popular brand of hand sanitizer, Purell, to their hands. According to the manufacturer, 62 percent of Purell consists of ethyl alcohol. By day's end, the urine of eight of the subjects contained levels of an alcohol-breakdown product that would indicate the subjects had recently consumed alcohol.

However, there probably isn't a need to panic for most users  - as light usage doesn't seem to pose a problem.  But, if you work in an occupation where hand sanitizer usage is more common - like the medical field - you may need to take heed.

"We would encourage these individuals to be aware of the myriad sources of alcohol they can come across in daily life," said study researcher Gary Reisfield, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Reisfield notes that products such as cough syrup, aftershave and mouthwash all contain alcohol, and exposure to these substances also might add up to a positive urine test result