Dr. Elvis Francois also known as the singing surgeon is wrapping up his residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester this week. Two years ago Francois started posting videos of himself singing and sometimes accompanied by fellow Dr. William Robinson on piano. The videos went viral and they were dubbed the "singing surgeons."

On Wednesday night Dr. Elvis Francois, and Dr. William Robinson on piano, performed together again to say goodbye with a free live concert at Forager Brewery in Rochester. Francois said to WCCO-CBS "You start to realize that surgery and medication can only go so far, and music really heals and touches people in ways medicine can’t." Robinson said: "Rochester, Minnesota was a place for us to work, and now it’s become our home and everything we know. Elvis and I have gained success with our music, but we’re nothing without the origin, the roots.”

Now the duo will be heading their separate ways as Dr. Francois prepares to head to Boston, and Dr. Robinson to Philadelphia to continue their training. They say they plan to keep making music together. Back in April, the pair released a four-song album called “Music is Medicine,” with the aim of raising money for COVID-19 relief. See video below.

I have a good friend that is a Dr. in Chicago now and when I was living in Minneapolis he was doing his residency at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I saw first hand  how grueling his schedule was, so for these two amazing men what a great outlet they have to express their talents and bring so much joy to so many.

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