We are all using hand sanitizer for one thing lately, to kill germs. Did you know that hand sanitizer has many uses, so stocking up a little may help you?

So what are other uses besides getting rid of germs and pumping a dollop on your hands after you use the biffy?

This is one I discovered. I write on my hands a lot. When you put the cap back on the pen and if you don't hit it right you have ink on your hands. I was using hand sanitizer and I noticed the ink came right off.

More Than A Mommy Of Three reports you can get stains off of walls, counters, and clothing. Use it like a Spray N Wash, and pretreat the clothing. For the case of walls, put a little bit on a paper towel or cloth and just wipe off the stain. Kids draw on walls, use hand sanitizer to get it off.

You take a sticker off of glass and there is leftover glue. More Than A Mommy Of Three says, use a little hand sanitizer and it lifts right off.

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Out in the woods and need to start a fire and there is some damp wood? More Than A Mommy Of Three says you can put a fair share of hand sanitizer on the wood and start a fire. Be careful, you don't need much. Also, don't use it on your hands if you are going to do that.

Reader's Digest says you can also use it to Polish Silver, clean your glasses, use it as deodorant, acne relief, shampoo, clean your iron, and clean hairspray and other gunk off of your mirror.

Next time you are at the Dollar Store, you see a few pumps for sale, buy them. Having extra could help you when you can't get other products due to COVID-19.

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