'Tis the season for snow removal.  And whether you do it by hand with a shovel or behind the engine of a snow blower is important - not only for the sake of doing the right thing but also legally.

Many municipalities have laws and regulations that pertain to snow removal; the City of Superior is no different.  On their website,  they've put together some "best practices" in regards to snow removal.

Their website points out that "we are all pedestrians at some point in the day, whether walking to the bus, to a car, or to a neighborhood store".  Without properly-cleared pathways, the snow and ice that accumulates can make it difficult for peoples - especially those with existing conditions - to get around safely and easily.

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Officials with the city remind property owners that it is their responsibility to clear snow and ice from all public sidewalks that are adjacent to their property.  Failure to clear the snow and ice may see the City of Superior take action to have it removed; the cost of that removal along with an additional administrative fee will be charged to the owner of the property for payment.

You're asked to "do your part to make [everyone] safe".  Offer to clear the snow for neighbors who you know can't.

When clearing snow from those adjacent public sidewalks, the city offers the following points to keep in mid:


Tips For Proper Snow Shoveling

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