Mason Crosby boomed a 57-yard field goal, and the Green Bay Packers added a rookie kicker to the practice squad. I don't understand?

Packers wire via the USA today said the Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said he signed JJ Molson, and that he would report to the practice squad so they would have use of him later. Packers Wire says Molson is a rookie from UCLA,  Molson was picked up after doing some time with the Los Angeles Chargers. Molson has good numbers over his four seasons with UCLA, hitting 68%, and can boom a long ball.

Through Packers Wire, GB says it gives them insurance, and that's all. I get it now. With COVID-19 it could take Mason Crosby off the field and that would affect the scoring and the play calls. Look at Denver a few weeks back who played without a Quarterback because they were all unavailable because of injuries or COVID-19.

Packers Wire says the Packers had previously been working out kickers and punters each week to have an option ready to go should Crosby or punter JK Scott have an injury or go on the COVID-19 reserve list unexpectedly.

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I think looking at the moves the GB Packers are making it shows they are getting ready to make a good run at the Super Bowl. They are the number one seeded team and so the better they have important players covered then the better they will be when the playoffs arrive. With the teams switching around and some teams getting hot at the end of the season, it could be anyone playing for the Super Bowl. In the last 3 weeks, the Cardinals, Vikings, and Bears have been in the hunt or in the final Wild Card Spot.

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