Liza Minnelli and Liberace came to town in 2017, and are still performing their Christmas special, virtually. It's David Saffert and Jillian Snow Harris.

David, a former Spooner resident and UWS graduate has been working with Jillian for 6 1/2 years. They announced their virtual Christmas Special which will be online two nights and will bring back that classic Christmas Special style.

When they came to Duluth last time they stopped by and did their tribute and had a little bit of fun, and let you into the characters and into their world too. They did come out of character long enough to talk about the show on that date.

Liza Minnelli and Liberace came into the morning show and took it over. They were in as the characters and as themselves. He has the cheeky part of Liberace down, and Jillian is spot on when it comes to Liza talking about modern-day things and not knowing anything.

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David Saffert’s Liberace is on too and backs it up with great piano playing. Without that, the tribute doesn't sell, and he even has his cheezy smile and breaks down the wall, and allows the audience to come into the performance by making them part of the joke.

You can see “Liberace & Liza: A Tribute” at 9:30 p.m. on December 26 and 27. Tickets available at and are pay what you can afford.

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