When people choose to put up a fresh Christmas Tree, there are certain responsibilities that come with that over a fake tree.

As you take down your Christmas decorations, please find out where to bring them. wreathes and other green fresh decorations have to go to different places. Minnesota pollutions control agency is saying the best option for Christmas trees is to use curbside tree collection or bring them to a designated drop-off site like WLSSD. Each city and county has a different way to dispose of the greens, so everyone should know the rules.

Some counties have certain ways to deal with wreaths and other live decorations because there may be bugs or other invasive insects that may have laid eggs or infested the decoration. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency warns not to toss trees and greenery into nearby woods or your residential compost pile; that would spread any infestation. Wreaths and other decorative greens can go into trashcans, there are some instances you can burn them. Check with your county or city first. WLSSD says Christmas Trees are not allowed in your trash cans.

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Another thing to remember is to take off all decorations and lights from the tree. The trees are used as fuel in some cases and that would be dangerous to have ultra flammable things still on the trees.

Here are some sites from the Duluth News Tribune accepting from Dec. 26 and Jan. 10.

  • Chester Bowl, 1800 E. Skyline Parkway, parking lot by playground.
  • Lester Park, 61 Lester River Road, parking lot by playground.
  • Duluth Heights Community Club, 33 W. Mulberry St., parking lot across the street.
  • Woodland Community Club, 3211 Allendale Ave., lower parking lot off Woodland Avenue.
  • Rose Garden, London Road, and 13th Avenue East (parking lot).
  • City of Duluth West Toolhouse, 2407 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Carlton County sites open between Dec. 23 and Jan. 11:
  • Sappi Fine Paper, 2201 Avenue B (gatehouse entrance).
  • Moose Lake Compost Site, across from the city garage.

These sites are accepting until January 31

  • VONCO V Landfill, 1100 W. Gary St.
  • WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site, 2626 Courtland St. at Gate 19.
  • WLSSD Materials Recovery Center, 4587 Ridgeview Road.

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