Congratulations to three different Minnesota Restaurants for being picked as part of the 50 best burgers in America by Travioso a travel website. I truly feel like the cheeseburger should replace the hot dog to symbolize American food. It is a beloved treasure devoured by millions on a daily basis. This would be one assignment that I would grab in a heartbeat.


Travioso said:

We've searched coast to coast to find America's best burger. The list includes everything from fast food and street food to fine dining and gourmet cuisine.

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The three Minnesota winners were:  Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington, Borough in Minneapolis, and Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. Travioso described:

  1. Hazelwoods: brags you need two hands to hold their burgers with delicious black angus beef. They are also known for their unique toppings like cheese curds and blackberry jam. That is called the cowboy burger and you had me with the cheese curds but I would pass on the jam.
  2. Borough's Parlour : had two delicious patties topped with American cheese on an egg bun. This burger does not look super fancy, but the egg bun must be the ringer. The Parlour Burger is famous for a meat a mix of ribeye, brisket and ground chuck. They also have a mixologist and crafted cocktails.
  3. Matt's: Not the fanciest place around, some would describe it as dive bar but it has gained national attention for it's famous "Juicy Lucy" burger which I would eat at least twice a month when I lived in Minneapolis. Many famous people have walked through the doors of this South Minneapolis bar including former President Barack Obama.

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