At Big Daddy's Burgers located on Piedmont Avenue in Duluth their motto is "You will leave stuffed guaranteed!" It seems like more and more prices on food have skyrocketed as portions of food you order get smaller, but that is not the case at Big Daddy's and never has been. Last Friday they celebrated the 20th birthday of the restaurant and celebrated with customers to say Thank You.

Even though they are famous for their burgers of all varieties they also serve a full menu including breakfast. A famous contest that they hold at the restaurant is the "Belly Buster Challenge" and they even have an entire Wall of Fame of pictures of people who actually were able to finish this monster meal. There is no time line on this meal you just have to finish it which includes 2 1/2 pound beef patties, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, bacon, ham and BBQ Sauce, and sautéed onions and 1 pound of home made french fries. Ugh!  It sounds so good but I could never do it, my go to burger is the green olive and cream cheese and I usually ask for a half order of fries because they literally fill the entire basket of fries with your burger!

Dave Gonhue, the owner of Big Daddy’s Burgers said to FOX 21:

It’s amazing that we’ve made it this long. The last year’s been a challenge but we have great support from the people in the neighborhood and all across the city.


The fact that this restaurant has been able to ride the wave of the pandemic even with having to  to close down just like a number of other businesses goes to show the mass wave of support of local residents who not only love the food and staff but also know how important it is to show their support. This place  along with all the other locally owned shops and restaurants are all trying to take a deep breath and hope that brighter days are ahead. Let's all continue to use this approach to shop and dine locally to keep businesses like this around for another 20 years!

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