Ice fishing is a relative way of life in Minnesota and Wisconsin, well Northern Wisconsin for sure. This is not a big deal in Milwaukee. I guarantee you growing up I did not see anyone out on Lake Michigan sitting on a bucket or see a fish house set up near the shore. But there is something to be said for the hearty men and women who head out every year with their equipment and risk their car or truck falling through the ice in order to catch that elusive fish.

With well over 10,000 lakes to choose from throughout the state and our very frigid temperatures, it makes sense that somewhere in Minnesota would rank as the best place for ice fishing. And the winner is Brainerd Minnesota for the second year in a row, from With over 460 lakes within 25 miles of the city make it a perfect location for angling enthusiasts. " And if you’re looking for competitive fun while also doing something for charity, the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is the event for you! Tickets are available until the tournament takes place on January 29, 2022."

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Congratulations and big props going out to Lake Winnebago Wisconsin that came in 4th Place out of the Top 8 Ice Fishing locations in the United States. This lake is famous for having the world’s largest self-sustaining Lake Sturgeon population. In case you want to check it out this lake is just outside Appleton, Wisconsin which is exactly 259 miles South of Duluth.

As of today, reports are already pouring in of people losing vehicles and property on lakes that are not frozen enough yet, so be cautious before you head out and make sure you have the proper equipment in case you do have an accident. Below is a bonus video of Ian and Cooper from MIX 108 along with our co-worker Ken as they put Ian through the wringer to drill a hole for ice fishing,,,, ha ha! Talk about a fish out of water...poor Ian.

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