Tonight I join in my first game of poker in five years, also found out I can't shuffle anymore.

I head over to my neighborhood bar the Ugly Stick for the new Tuesday Poker league. I use to play weekly and with my boys. Once even played in the tournament with the oldest boy at black bear and FYI he placed in the money!

So now we have a few hands in and I am doing fine, then it is my turn to shuffle.  That did not go so well, with my RA found out I can't do it anymore.  So the guy next to me did it for me, very cool of him.

I did very well for my fist night out, came in 3rd out of 7. And it all comes down to the points every week. Looking for the big win at the end! Over 1000 bucks in prize money? Yeah I'm in.

So if your free next Tuesday night come join me!

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