I love going to the movies and tonight our future will now be our past and it kicks off at 6:30 tonight! So hop on your hover board and head to Marcus Theaters for Back to the Future II party.

Photo Ron Houk flyer Marcus theaters
Photo Ron Houk flyer Marcus theaters

Tonight come dressed like '85, the best outfit wins prizes.

Back to the future trivia and the first 75 customers who go to the movie and purchase a fountain pop gets a free collectors Pepsi perfect t- shirt.

Party is at 6:30 and movie screening is at 7pm. only 5 bucks to see this once again on the big screen.  I was told by the Manager at the Herman theater that they will have a Delorean there also to take photos with!

This is part of the Retro Series Marcus is putting on and to get more info and tickets just click the button


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