Working in the broadcasting industry is crazy fun and stuff does happen. It is going on a year that I have worked here and three attempts on my well being may not seem that many in a year, but how many times have you been the target of this type of mayhem?

People say I’m paranoid, or I’m imagining things and making up stories. My other coworkers say they've " never see such actions". They don’t work the hours we do and I’m stuck in this lonely building with these two. Oh, they may seem friendly but it’s all an act. As I've pointed out previously, there seems to be something afoot. I’m not a small person, but for both Tony and David to say they didn’t see me seems quite ridiculous. I even have video proof of Tony trying to run me down with his van.

You may still call me paranoid, but I have new video proof. I made a little do-it-yourself video on how to make a crossbow with office supplies and asked a few of my coworkers to try it out to see if it worked. As David comes into the room, he pointed it right at me. I asked David not to point at me and he acts like he’s going to shoot the target but shoots me! A accident you say? I say no. Thank God it was only a flesh wound. Take a look at the video and you tell me if I’m paranoid?

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