I know motorcycle riding weather is over and we in the Northland are changing or bikes for snowmobiles. But the sweet deals on motorcycles are making this the best time to get that new ride.I started riding motorcycles again two years ago and Miss Kelly and I have totally fallen in love with riding,  we have made great new friends and joined in on bike riding fundraising events. Just going out for a day ride, going new places no map no plan just the freedom of the ride.

Can't wait to get her home this weekend and get it winterized and ready for new paint. Only sad part of this is we have to say good by to Mary Jane our first bike an 81 Yamaha (up for sale). This new ride also fulfills our desire to be part of bike and car shows.  I would like to introduce you to our new ride a 1977 Honda Goldwing Eagle addition.

So how many more days till spring?


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