Pumpkin this, pumpkin that, this time of year if you're a pumpkin, you're in high demand!
Well, I have something to say about that Mister Pumpkin, there are other gourds out there willing and wanting to be part of Halloween!

I stopped at the dollar store and spent 6 dollars, then for less than three pumpkins, I picked four different gourds and an ear of corn.

Armed with my glue gun, gourds, dollar store supplies, and other craft stuff I had at home, it's time to create!

I enjoyed this more than I expected, and with my Rheumatoid arthritis carving pumpkins is painful. Also painful are glue guns my fingertips are not happy with me.

For those of you with your great pumpkin carvings check out my blog about pumpkin preservation.

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