Now that we are in the month of April, tax deadline is just a couple of weeks away, have you finished your taxes? If you still do them long hand, you can no longer get tax forms at libraries. Minnesota Tax forms are pretty much obolete, people can print them from websites and tax programs.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has instructed libraries to remove most state forms and instruction booklets.Here are the only forms still available:

  • 2013 M1 Minnesota income tax return (form only – no instructions)
  • 2013 M1W Minnesota income tax withheld (includes M1WPG2)

Any other forms that you may need can be printed from the Minnesota Revenue website or you can call  800.657.3676 and ask for them to be mailed. Even so, that may take a while for you to get it.

If you are going to get forms at the library, you might at well print them from the website by using one of the computers at the library.

Click Here for the Minnesota Revenue Website to print your Tax Forms