SWLP Announces Plans For Solar Garden In Superior The designs are ready and the project has been submitted to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for final approval.  The grouping of solar panels would be built and installed on a parcel of land already owned by Superior Water Light and Power - at 2828 Hammond Avenue, along 28th Street - north of Hammond Park.

The garden would work like this:  Customers would buy-in using one of three different methods (upfront, monthly, or with a fixed kilowatt-hour charge); there is also a one-time reservation fee.  After signing on, customers would receive credits for the amount of solar energy produced by their array.  Those credits would then be applied against the power bill of the utilities customers.  The more arrays purchased by the customer the bigger the potential share of the resources.  While the agreement (and associated costs) is (are) calculated on a 25-year term, individuals can elect to leave at any time - without penalty - selling their remaining term back to Superior Water Light and Power, following a depreciation schedule.

To learn more about the program or to sign up for information to take part, click here.

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