Some people have to have their morning coffee to start their day. Research shows that it may help aches and pains and have their own health benefits.

Like everything, in moderation it's good. According to, having a daily coffee or three can help with many things.

It can help you get your daily balance of antioxidants. Some studies show it's better than some fruits and veggies. It helps you burn more fat because of the caffeine in the coffee, it speeds up your metabolism 3-11%.

Coffee can lower the risks of Type II diabetes, depression and also Parkinson's. Because coffee does contains some chemicals that can give you that pep in the morning it helps with your moods for depression, no cure, but helps. It helps with Parkinson's because of the caffeine that helps with your motor skills.

It helps with MS, certain Cancers, and in some cases reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. It lowers your stroke risk and protects your liver.

Some say it helps your workouts with the boost it gives you. In a study, it was said that a group that drank coffee did better in the workouts than those that didn't drink it.

Caffeine is actually the main ingredient in many pain-relieving medications, so it isn’t surprising that for some people, treating their migraine with a strong cup of coffee does the trick. Studies have shown that a strong cup of coffee can relieve a headache.

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