Everyone is writing that they have the gunk and how it is putting a stop to their day or to their week or for some their month. What can you do?

Actually it's now being recommended that you should wash your hands in cold water. When the water is cold you tend to wash longer and hold your hands under the water longer. When you wash, wash both sides, scrub, and use plenty of soap. It should take about 20 seconds.

According to the CDC Government Page:

When should you wash your hands?

Always when preparing food, before, during and after.
Before eating food.
After using the toilet.
Before and after treating a wound, especially if you are bleeding or they are bleeding.
After caring for someone who is sick.
After cleaning the bathroom.
After cleaning a child, diapers, or after they use the bathroom.
After blowing your nose.
After touching an animal.
After touching garbage.
After anything, you think you are picking up bacteria or germs.

The other thing to keep in mind. If you are sick or feel sick. Stay home. No one will think you are a wimp because you don't come in. They don't want to get sick from you. You also will have to do everyone's work if they are out, so there's that.

For more information on handwashing, please visit CDC's Handwashing website. You can also call 1-800-CDC-INFO, or email cdcinfo@cdc.gov for answers to specific questions.

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