The Superior Police Department has reported their first positive COVID-19 test for one of its officers.  Officials are reporting that the officer is self-quarantining and is no longer on patrol. The COVID-19-positive officer was experiencing mild symptoms - which was the reason behind the resulting test.  This represents the first positive COVID-19 case for the Superior Police Department.

According to news sources, the Superior Police Department has stringent protocols in place to limit the amount of exposure officers have with the general public; the limited exposure protocols were established to try to prevent major spreads:

"The measures the police department had in place worked, said Douglas County Public Health Officer Kathy Ronchi, because the number of people who were potentially exposed before the officer found he was symptomatic was small."

Superior Police have been limiting officer-to-officer contact as well as officer-to-community contact.  In addition, they have followed health department suggestions and mandates for physical distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, and the use of masks.

Department officials are realistic in their understanding that there may well be further positive COVID-19 tests from within their police force.  However, they believe that the protocols that they have established are working well and the precautions to limit exposure allow the police continue to perform their essential services.

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