Well COVID-19 has taken another event. Governor Tim Walz has postponed the Governor's Pheasant Hunting Opener.

This year was the 10th annual event and was going to be held in Fairmont. According to a press release it was just another precaution to slow the spread of Corona Virus.

In the press release, the Governor said he was still going to the Pheasant hunt. He was postponing the event itself. WCCO reported that Governor Tim Walz went on to say that he encourages people to get out on October 10th for the opener, and still enjoy the sport but to be careful while doing it.

The Governor said in the press release that he chose Fairmont because it has a lot of space to hunt, and there are a lot of dog-friendly motels and businesses.

According to the Star Tribune, the amount of pheasants and pheasant hunting land is dwindling, so the spot he picked for his opener was well chosen. The Governor also said that pheasant hunting creates memories and can be a family sport if you will.

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The Minnesota DNR says on their website if you are going hunting for pheasants, to wear at least one item of orange. Could be a vest, jacket, shirt, hat, or anything but to make yourself well marked.

The DNR site says Minnesota’s pheasant hunting season opens this year at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 10, and will run until Jan. 3, If you would like to know the rules you can download the handbook here.

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