In a press release, the Hermantown Chamber of Commerce also announced some celebration events to call attention to the 40th anniversary.

According to the Chamber history,  Hermantown Chamber was started August 7th, 1980, and didn't have the office space and the organization it has today. Many changes have taken place. On August 7th at the Chamber office (5094 Miller Trunk HWY #600) from Noon until 3 pm, there will be a celebration involving cake from chamber member Super One, coffee from Yellow Bike Coffee. Friends and Members of the Chamber are invited to celebrate.

As I said, a lot of changes have happened in 40 years, the chamber has grown to become the Hermantown AREA Chamber of Commerce, according to the press release there are over 250 members in Hermantown, Duluth, Proctor, Cloquet, Midway, Pike Lake, the Iron Range, Superior, and the Twin Cities. The Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce is now led by Executive Director Kimberly Parmeter.

The press release says how other changes happen, they used to meet in area restaurants, not in any office space. Their first home became the City Hall Building on Maple Grove Road. (Which is where the Hermantown Historical Society is now.)

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One thing hasn't changed, the Hermantown Chamber Of Commerce is still doing the job they set out to do. Promote businesses and business in the Hermantown Area through different events and to promote growth and enhance all business opportunities that will make all businesses become stronger and top of mind for other businesses and people.


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