Over two years ago Mayor Jim Paine proposed making MLK Day a Paid Holiday and the city's HR committee agreed to recognize it but it never came to be. Now Superior’s nonunion employees could get another paid holiday every year.

On July 19  the city’s Human Resources Committee approved making Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is celebrated the third Monday in January, a paid holiday for city staff, but it does exclude those who work in the police and fire departments who are under a union contract.

Councilor Ruth Ludwig proposed the measure  saying to the Superior Telegram:

I think Martin Luther King Day is just like Independence Day.  We celebrate our independence from an oppressive government, Great Britain. But we know that all of us did not gain independence. Even after the Civil War … it did not occur.

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As to why this did not pass two years ago Mayor Paine said to the best of his recollection after four months of discussion the subject had simply exhausted itself. Jack Sweeny who was a City Councilor Two years ago stated that he was not in favor of adding another holiday for city workers. He went on to say he would have been fine switching it with an existing holiday, but not adding an additional one.

Mayor Jim Paine stated that the cost to the city for staff time will be paid either way, and disagrees with arguments two years ago about the loss of productivity. he went on to say to the Superior Telegram "There’s strong evidence that time off actually increases productivity. ” may cities throughout the state of Wisconsin already recognize this Holiday, so I would think that Superior will follow suit. The Superior City Council will consider the proposal when it meets again on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

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