UPDATE: 8/26/22:

According to FOX 21, the Duluth City Council voted to reduce the speed limit of electronic bikes and scooters from 15 to 10 miles per hour between the Rose Garden and the Lift Bridge. The new speed limit will go into effect in 30 days and signage around the area is to follow.



Most of us have witnessed the electric scooters and now E-bikes in Canal Park and the Downtown area of Duluth which is a fantastic idea and a great way to get around town. I wish I would have thought of it, but anyway what I find hard to believe is that more people don't crash especially on scooters.

Now I myself am way too old and uncoordinated to ride one of them I would fall off immediately, but not only have to have the need for good balance have you noticed how fast the average person is going? Working downtown I see people whipping past at top speed and the thing is you them on the sidewalk, which is dangerous and illegal. The scooters are supposed to ride in the streets and bike lanes.

There has to be somewhat of a learning curve to use them so I would guess most people learn how to handle them as they go which can be awfully dangerous for both them and pedestrians. Even e-bikes can be dangerous. Look at Simon Cowell he has fallen off of his e-bike twice and the first time he fell he broke his back.

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Obviously, I am not the only one who Is somewhat concerned about the speed of the scooters. According to WDIO three members of the Duluth City Council Terese Tomanek, Arik Forsman, and Mike Mayou are proposing an ordinance that would limit the speed of scooters and e-bikes to 10 mph on the lake walk in Canal Park to the rose garden and behind the DECC.

The City council will take its first look at the proposal tomorrow night August 15 and could be voted on as soon as August 22. Here is a list of scooter and e-bike rental companies in Duluth: Leaf Rides, and Bird Scooters. I think this is a great idea but realistically I think it is going to be pretty tough to enforce.

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