Are these vote by mail ballot requests for real, no!

The return address is the correct address for St. Louis County, but when I called St. Louis County the woman I spoke to (who did not want her name used) said that St. Louis County had nothing to do with sending those out.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen

It's happening across the country as doubt has been cast on mail-in ballots and criticism of the USPS in the news. According to MSN more and more states are getting these. In North Carolina, more and more people are getting the Trump requests in the mail first.

CNN reports that it is happening in other states too. North Carolina just had complaints and confusion because the requests for mail-in absentee ballots had Trump and Victory and Trump is counting on you all over the cover. It's not the counties or states that are mailing these. They are starting to make their way into this area now.

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When I spoke more to the county worker, she said that we have the choice of getting a mail-in request yourself. So where do you get them? At they say you can go to your city clerk.

As with everything you feel is not the real deal you can check with the county officials where you live if you feel you have something that you have been mailed that is not from the county.

The other thing that is happening is another form of fraud. My Aunt got a mailer for my Grandpa to vote. He has been dead since 1975. USA Today says a Facebook person posted that she was going to vote with her dead mom and sister's voter registration mailers because if they got a mailer they are registered. Cnet says that is not true. It is a fraud to vote for them because you need a signature according to the law. All signatures are on file and can be checked.

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