Men,we take a lot of teasing from women. Sure, we can't multi task, can't breast feed (there's a reason for that) and we can't have children. Probably couldn't take the pain is what they say. A recent poll of women shows what skills we are really lacking.

Men, after the survey we found out that we are best at getting rid of spiders and pests. We can't cook, we have no taste in fashion or gift giving, and our memory isn't very good either. We can hunt and fish pretty well, and we can sit on the couch and drink beer with the best of them. If you want someone to pass gas, be inapropriate at the wrong time or belch in public areas, then get a man to do the job.

If you want someone to give you fashion advice, take you out to dinner to an expensive place, or hang out with the girls and drink wine. Get a's the list.

According to the DailyMail, TOP 10 SKILLS MEN LACK

1.Buying clothes for partner 52 per cent

2. Remembering anniversary 41 per cent

3. Dancing 33 per cent

4. Ironing 31 per cent

5. Cooking 30 per cent

6. Domestic chores 30 per cent

7. Buying gifts 28 per cent

8. Multi-tasking 22 per cent

9. Keeping up with fashion 22 per cent

10. Picking furniture 21 per cent


Four in 10 (43 per cent) of all the survey respondents thought men were generally worse than women at many life skills, while a third (32 per cent) said today's men are no better than their fathers at certain skills.

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